Heavily inspired by music, Dave picked up his camera to capture the rock ‘n roll moment.  Firstly, using black and white film and colour transparency, before gradually changing over to and embracing digital.  Swapping the darkroom for a computer screen, whilst still maintaining his own style.  From being the catalyst to coaxing the camera shy to capturing that essential split second moment.


Time constraints, poor lighting and atrocious weather conditions hold no fears for Dave and his lust for life photography attitude.  Adapting his working practices to ensure he gets the shot you can believe in.


From book covers, cd and dvd sleeves to the sports pages his shots have hit the shelves internationally to critical acclaim.


“With his friendly no nonsense attitude, he instantly puts you at ease – you can be sure that you’re going to get ‘the’ shot that counts, first time – every time!”

Andy Milner, Marshall Amps, Artist Liaison Officer.


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