Rachelle Rocks Biker Chic

1 rachelle summers colourJeans teamed with a black leather biker jacket creates a timeless fashion statement.  A look embraced by Miley Cyrus, Jessica Alba, Kate Moss and thousands of other would be wild ones worldwide.

Armed with a size 6 jacket, All Saints vest, belt and America flag scarf sourced by Wedding Market Diva Caught In Action headed to the studio, to meet model Rachelle, to rock the look.

Whilst Rachelle applied make up and changed, I set up the lighting in the infinity coving area.  With both black and white adjacent areas it allowed me to shoot both high and low key shots with minimal adjustment.

A 4ft Octobox was fitted to the Elinchrom flash, left of camera.  This would act as the key light and create a large light source, ensuring a gradual transition from light to shadows.  The power was set between 1.5 and 2 stops less than maximum.

The fill light, at a lesser power was stationed slightly behind Rachelle to the right of camera and fitted with a gridded stripbox.

Whilst the hair light was affixed to the Colourama cross bar directly behind Rachelle and gridded to ensure accuracy and no spill.

Lastly,  a reflector was placed to the left hand side of Rachelle.

The white balance on the camera was set to flash, all shots were taken at ISO200, with a flash sync speed 1/125 sec with apertures between F7.6 and F10.

After a couple of test shots we were good to go with the session yielding high key and low key shots from full length to head shots.

1 rachelle summers scarf 1 rachelle summers camera









1 rachelle summers full length1 rachelle summers seated















Finally, using the grafitti wall I bounced the key light, set at maximum power off the adjacent wall to light the scene with a reflector at the side of Rachelle.

1 rachelle grafitti1 rachelle summers shades












With the shots in the bag all that was left was the processing.




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