Anita De Bauch Decadence and Decay at The Pit

Anita De Bauch, The Pit & The Pendulum

The Pit studio in Nottingham is part bohemian decadence and part decay.  With its distressed peeling walls, stripped floor boards and tight corridors creating a Victorian urbex location and an ideal gritty fashion shoot backdrop.

The model, Anita De Bauch providing the decadence to the venues decay.  Her flaming red hair providing eye catching vibrance.

Our session commenced with Anita donning a pair of latex shoulder length fingerless gloves by Kaoris Latex Dreams.  These would protect her modesty and create moody implied topless images.

The shots were low key being lit by one 400w/s Godox AD360 flash camera left.  It was fitted with a beauty dish.

A vintage manual Canon FD 50m 1.2 lens was used to ensure the draw and glow were reminiscent of a bygone era.

Anita De Bauch The Pit & The Pendulum

As the session progressed lighting was built up by adding a further Godox AD360 to the rear and right of Anita.  This was fitted with a reflector and diffuser.  Allowing me with a few positional tweaks to create hair and rim light as required.

Anita changed her clothing, this time opting for a black latex catsuit by Murray & Vern, over which a Heavenly Corset was worn and finally a pair of Fabulously Fetish boots were added.

We had to be particular with the lighting for the latex to ensure the specular highlights created gave definition in the right places and that there were no large hotspots.  A red gelled Nikon flash was added camera left to provide backdrop colour as other props were added to build the scene.

Anita De Bauch The Pit & The PendulumAnita De Bauch The Pit & The PendulumAnita De Bauch The Pit & The PendulumFinally Anita changed into a full length wedding dress.  Shooting against full length windows we created softer more romantic looking images.

Anita De Bauch The Pit & The PendulumAnita De Bauch The Pit & The PendulumAnita really is a fabulous model, whose skin glows naturally and who seems to have a sixth sense of where to put her arms and hands in order to convey a mood or emotion.  I will certainly be looking to work with Anita again.

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